Both of my works “Butterflies” and “My Freedom”, gott accepted in “Textile News - Freedom- 4th international competition for small formats” organized by Gudrun Heinz. They were exhibited in Europe between August 2011 and October 2013 together with many more small format works.

Butterflies (about 29x19cm in the order seen on the picture) used the freedom that the competition was not restricted to one technique. Every butterfly was made using a different technique (e.g. felting, embroidery, knitting, crocheting, bobbin lace, felted knitting, Printing,...). Furthermore, it is possible to change the order of the butterflies detaching and attaching them using their hooks and eyelets.

Freedom (25x17cm) shows a classical cross stitch embroidery with everything that restricts freedom (adaption, perfection, fear, consideration, safety, order) and an in free motion stitched machine embroidery on organza that shows that freedom is able to break through all these restriction.

Wmdg? (abbr. for “Was machst du gerade”? German for What are you doing right now?) A combination of felted and sewed parts that are expressing that with the electronic possibilities that we have, boredom does not exist anymore. From August 2013 to August 2015, this piece travelled through Germany and Europe, together with other small format pieces, in the exhibition: TEXTILE News: Langeweile.Boredom.Ennui., 5. International Competition for Small Formats, organized by Gudrun Heinz.

Meadow and Blocks are the two faces of a small wall hanging (45 x 45 cm). The Meadow was free motion embroidered with a sewing machine on cotton. For the blocks, Silk fabrics were applicated on cotton. Sewn by hand and using a machine and quilted using a machine.



(Photographed byK. Scheuring)





Spider (about 92x90cm): For the invitation of tender Art-Jacquard-Inspirations of the TRM (Textile- and Motorsport- Museum Hohenstein-Ernstthal, www.trm-hot.de) made using a Jacquard fabric from the collection of the museum. With the exhibition Art-Jacquard-Inspirations, the spider traveled through Germany between September 2010 and April 2013. The piece is made like a quilt; the quilt lines create the spider web. The spider itself also consists, besides the Jacquard fabric, out of felted parts that were applicated on top with batting in a technique I developed myself.