Doll Making

The dolls are in the style of Waldorf-Dolls, made of cotton jersey sewn with the maschine and by hand and stuffed with sheep wool. This makes them so soft that they are ideal for cuddling. The hair is embroidered by hand, and the eyes and the mouth are painted on. The faces are relatively simple, so the children can imagine different facial expressions. No doll is like another one; every doll is handmade including their clothes.

Doll, about 38 cm tall

Dolls, about 50 cm and 38 cm tall


Puppet Clown: A more defined face and clothing that is sewn on differentiates this doll from the other dolls.


Glove Puppets: Only the head is filled with sheep wool  to create space for the playing hand.





Dolls, about 50 cm and 38 cm tall