Printing, Ecoprint

One can print on fabrics using (synthetic) fabric colors, that I used for example for the prints with lace, and natural colors.




A special version of printing on fabrics using natural colors is Ecoprint. This technique uses the color present in leaves and other parts of plants. The leaves are directly put on the fabric and need to be pressed onto the fabric during the dyeing process, so that their form and color can be seen on the fabric. With some help of hot steam, the color is taken out of the leaves and using different kinds of salt, the color gets connected to the fabric.
Good instructions for this technique can be found in the book: "Naturdruck mit Pflanzenfarben auf Stoff" by Brunhilde Scheidmeir, Fritz Jeromin and Andreas Scheidmeir, sold on:www.jeromin-shop.de.


The best color outcome can be seen on silk