Knitting, Crocheting, Weaving


Double faced scarf: This scarf was made out of sock wool scraps using a double face technique. In this technique, both sides are knitted at the same time on the same needle using two different colors that switch between both sides of the scarf to create a pattern.

Couch blanket: This 160x200 cm big blanket was made using homespun and home dyed wool by knitting in a Patchwork technique. In this technique, single squares are knitted successively directly to the already existing squares (no sewing, but many threads to neat!). The structure of the squares is achieved by decreasing the number of stitches. Patchwork knitting is good for using several small amounts of wool or wool scraps.

Bowl, crochet using fabric strips cut from old jersey clothing.

Woven meadow: This picture was woven only using home spinned and home dyed (with natural colors) wool and then finished with an also woven frame, batting and a back fabric and invisibly quilted by hand. Outside dimensions: 90 cm x 114 cm